Direct Drilling is a process of sowing seed without cultivating the soil. You can use direct drilling to oversow pasture, to bulk up old pasture which is getting a bit thin, without affecting the pasture you already have. You can also use direct drilling to renew pasture after it has been sprayed or direct drill cereal crops or green feed crops straight into sprayed off pasture without the cost of cultivating

Reasons to stop Continuous Tillage

Decline in soil structure is directly linked to continuous tillage (every time you invert the soil you are killing the very micro-organisms that make it).  Continuous tillage has a major impact on the decline in worm population.

Reasons to Choose Direct Drilling

Direct drilling will not ruin your soil structure, by using no tillage you are only opening up the soil to a depth which you want the seed placed at and then closing it back over. Worm population is not damaged by direct drilling because the soil disturbance is kept to a minimum. Wind and water erosion is not a problem because the vegetation is not removed with direct drilling, thus it will hold the soil together and reduce erosion.

Soil compaction happens when you reduce the size of soil particles and take away worms and micro-organisms which keep the soil aerated. This doesn’t happen with direct drilling because you are not disturbing the soil. Direct drilling leaves the vegetable matter on the top of the soil so it breaks down and creates a humus layer which helps water retention.

Benefits of Direct Drilling

• Soil compaction problems relived.

• Dramatically improved drainage through the soil profile.

• Liming time intervals increase.

• Increased biological activity – e.g. worms, slugs.

• More stable insect populations.

• Increased soil carbon content.

Seed placement and depth control are equally important when drilling or planting.  Our seed drill enables us to accurately drill all agricultural crops in seedbeds ranging from fully cultivated to no-till environments.

We also offer seed broadcasting service. The selected seed is blended with your Lime or Fertiliser and spread by the fertilizer truck.

Direct Drilling

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