A variety of spray equipment is on hand to eradicate unwanted weeds and pests. We have two and four wheel drives available for accurate boom spraying of pasture and crops. Motorbike boom and spot spraying enables us to get to those tricky spots along creek beds and across rough and steep terrain.  A rotowiper will kill off tough rushes quickly and easily.

Specifically designed for spraying our equipment minimizes pasture or crop damage.     All staff are trained in the use and handling of chemicals and maintain accurate records of applications of all products

If its spray topping you require we can help.  We can also spray for selected weeds including controlling silver grass, cape weed, rushes, bracken, blackberries, corkscrew and onion weed.   Pests such as red legged earth mites and cockchafers can also be eradicated.

We can supply the chemicals – thus avoiding your need to store and secure part containers of chemicals.  This also enables you to pay for the actual quantity required, rather than buying whole containers of product.  

We have experience in chemical composition, application rates, and stock a diverse range of chemicals at economical prices. Fox Fertilisers offer a professional package that includes technical information, crop and pasture spraying, direct drilling and retail sales in pasture seed & chemicals. We believe that our ability to manage your crop spraying programs helps create shorter down time in the paddock and enables you manage your farm and time more effectively. Our aim is to work with your spraying programs that measure your output and minimizes your outgoings to achieve a result that improves your profitability over the long term.

Weed Spraying

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