Harvest of Grass and Silage is often as much an important part of spring pasture management, as it is to conserve feed for another point in the season. Timely and efficient harvesting of hay and silage produces valuable feed for livestock.  Fox Ag operates with the latest equipment to produce high quality silage and grass Hay.  

Harvesting for silage begins in early September.  Cutting and treating the silage with inoculate to further enhance fermentation to ensure each roll is of the highest quality.  Bales are then wrapped to exclude the air and moisture from harvesting until feed out time thus; ensuring the nutritional value of the silage is preserved.  

Grass Hay production commences in October with pastures cut, raked, teddered and baled.   Hay can be baled into big square bales measuring   3' x 3' x 8' or Big Round bales 5' x 4'. Our rake pushes grass into huge rows so that the baler can produce consistent large bales.  This allows for a quicker and better baling job.

Grass & Hay Silage

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