Soil testing is the vital first step to improving pastures on your property. Our trained staff will travel to your property and take the soil tests required.  It is  important that our Agronomist looks at the paddocks in question.  This will enable him to study the terrain, position and current weed infestation (if any). When the soil tests are sent back from the laboratory he can give an accurate report and recommendations for the best course of action for your property.  We can supply you with soil test kits for you to select your own samples.  These samples are then sent to the laboratory for testing and their analysis is forwarded on to us for reporting.   Soil tests are a valuable guide to knowing exactly what is required to improve your pastures. Our experienced team will then complete a proposal for your property and this will help you to increase productivity and therefore increase your profits.

Pasture Planning

Should you require a more in depth approach to your pasture improvement our Agronomist can recommend a pasture plan for your property. With our expert guidance your property can be turned around and we can help you to become more profitable.

Agronomy & Soil Testing

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